An Ode to Angels

by Ye†axa

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Mandie An interesting and beautiful album. I feel like I'm someplace sometime other than my own reality when I listen. Lovely vocals, catchy sounds Favorite track: The Strange Breed.
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♡ Dedicated to many angels ♡


released June 19, 2015

Thank you Jasmine for playing guitar for me on two tracks.



all rights reserved


Ye†axa England, UK

A fever dream of witch house, melancholy lo-fi music and antique dolls.

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Track Name: An Ode to Angels
I'm not afraid of death but living like dead
Your tears taste like rose water
If you want a kiss from the angel himself
Then you must be willing, one hundred per cent

But you don't know what the afterlife holds
Cry out in whimpers
And this is an ode to angels

I'll let out a sigh
A tear from the corner of my eye
But we both know
The angels have gone
And they're not coming back
No matter how much you
Cry and scream and plead and pray
And say you won't be bad again


This is an ode to angels
Track Name: How My Fingers Bleed
I stole the tears of a angel
Put them on my windowsill in a glass vial

I stole the stars and the moon
And everyone weeped for eternity
And me, I'm a star thief

And how my fingers bleed
Track Name: Locust & Rose
Locust and Rose went to the cemetery,
had a tea party,
and danced for money

They left that night
and got married under the moon
and took photos with a polaroid camera

They thought it was true love,
but it was not that,
it was just another adventure
Track Name: Hollow (Doll)
Fragile as Porcelain
My dress holds secrets in
Stitching together my limbs
I sang a hymn

And drill holes in my ribs
I'm already hollow as it is
Pull out my guts and
Instead fill me up
With wood shavings and cotton wool
Play with me like I'm a doll
(/Hold me, love me, I'm your doll)
Track Name: Barbara
False god, high priest
Falls into ruling easily
I thought I could change history

Barbara, Barbara
Barbara, Barbara

He knows the truth, he tries to poison me
I'll make him drink it too
I know I'm not the one who I said
But tell a soul and you'll end up dead


All I wanted was to stop the sacrifice
But you can't change and entire civilisation
And my beloved killed a man
Track Name: The Strange Breed
Make me into a doll
Bury me whole
My laugh is not my own
I'm just a ghost
Grey and old

We were never cool,
Dancing beneath the stars and the moon

We are a strange breed
Pale babies,
Bruised and glittering

We were never cool,
Dancing beneath the stars and the moon
Track Name: Exorcizamus Te
Always on the road
Always spilling blood
You're my brother
And you're the only one left
I know I've done some bad things and I'm sorry
Let's keep fighting the good fight
Fighting the good fight
No matter how questionable our morality has become
Track Name: Devil Machine
Bruise your legs, skin your knees
Break your fingers, pierce the skin
Pull your hair out of the follicles
Tomorrow you'll be all black and blue

This machine has a devil inside
The voice in my mind is getting tired
You don't want to know what goes on in this head
I'm surprised I haven't drawn blood yet

Tender legs and knees
Threatening words and faulty screens
Track Name: Afterlife
When you're dead, there's nowhere left to go
No heaven or hell, just soil and clouds
You're just trapped in the ground
Your body infested with new life

And it's almost a comfort
Knowing there's no more sorrow
The dead no longer cry
You won't feel anything

The only ghosts reside in your mind
No sunken bodies left to find
They're all immersed in cold damp dirt
The voice still haunts and you still hurt

And it's almost a comfort
It's almost a comfort...